Friday, October 11, 2013

SkinnyJeans Featured on The Today Show

Bobbie Thomas raves about her SkinnyJeans on The Today Show.

In a segment introducing Spanx "faux-front maternity jeggings, at best" Bobbie's Hello! SkinnyJeans stole the show. She loves how slimming they are, how she's had them for 5 years, and how she considers them an investment.

She looks fabulous!!

Watch the video here.

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Patricia T said...

Poor customer service greatly discounts any quality there may be in these jeans,

Returned jeans via overnight service on 02.10.15. Jeans not worn, just didn't fit, Followed return instructions verbatim. Delivery shows received.

To date, no acknowledgement of return, no refund, no return calls from my Numerous and daily voicemails.

Flat out being ignored and I have no idea why.

Filing complaint with BBC, Credit Card that processed payment, and if needed, will hire a lawyer.