Monday, April 29, 2013

SkinnyJeans (giveaway)

Until recently, the last time I wore jeans — or pants, for that matter — that were any other color than “denim”, black, or gray was probably when I was a child, and stirrup-bottomed stretch pants paired with high tops were all the rage (am I giving my age away? In case I’m not, I’m turning 29 in seven weeks).
Skinny Jeans logo
Then I met and fell in love with SkinnyJeans. Skinny jeans, let alone colored skinny jeans, weren’t something I’d even dare to dream about when I was a lot heavier. At 330 lbs, 300 lbs, 250 lbs, and even 200 lbs anything other than boot cut weren’t even a consideration. But now that I’m down to my goal range of 150-160 (155 currently – I bounce around a bit), skinny jeans are definitely an option. And bright colors? Bonus awesomeness!
SkinnyJeans aren’t your average pair of skinny jeans. Believe me, I’ve tried enough of them to tell the difference. These hug, flatter, accentuate, and all around rock. They’re designed to hug as well as contour and hold/smooth, they don’t ride low (dreaded muffin top or whale tail, anyone?), they won’t pinch around the middle or bag around the butt, and they don’t sag or droop, period. And they’re available in perfect-for-you sizes: 33″ inseam, sizes 23/24 – 31/32 (worth noting: because these are high quality jeans with no corner-cutting, the sizing may run on the larger size – I wish I had gone a size down when ordering), with custom inseam sizing available. Also awesome? They’re made here in the US, right in California. Read more about the exclusive Skinny Jeans design!
Skinny Jeans jeans
SkinnyJeans are available in skinny, barely bootcut, straight cut, and couture cut, and in just about every color of the rainbow, including black, dark and light denim wash, and white! Shop the SkinnyJeans collection. SkinnyJeans sent me a pair of All American Team Colors SkinnyJeans in turquoise, and I can’t get enough of them. The color is perfect for spring and summer (and goes great with a lot of my plain white and gray tops, which always made me look so “blah” when paired with regular dark or even light wash jeans), and the fit of the jeans? Impeccable. As promised by SkinnyJeans, my SkinnyJeans:
  • quality material that has awesome support and smoothing out
  • have a high enough rise to make muffin tops and plumber’s crack a non-issue
  • unique “scooping” around the butt and thighs that accentuates curves
  • interesting fading and shading with the color and pattern that creates a slimming look
  • great pocket sizing and placement
I love, love love these jeans. Check ‘em out:
SkinnyJeans SkinnyJeans
I love what these jeans do for my hips!
And my thighs!
And my butt!
Rolled cuffs due to my short legs/inseam – check your measurements before ordering!
I can’t gush enough about SkinnyJeans, seriously. I’ve been struggling with finding good-fitting, flattering jeans due to two pregnancies, six abdominal surgeries, and losing almost 180 lbs in the last three and a half years – not to mention being bottom heavy and having a case of thunder thighs, thanks to my German and Polish ancestors. These jeans are the first ever jeans that fit amazingly: no tugging, no pulling, no begging, no sucking it in, no cinching of the belt or compressing of the Spanx. They just fit. And flatter. And amaze (me). ♥
Ready to get sassy, sexy, colorful skinny jeans? Purchase SkinnyJeans in your choice of style and color (prices vary depending on style).

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